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“Is our website conversion rate good or bad?”

An average website conversion rate for the hotel industry is between 1.7% and 2%. This figure is based on the reservations made relative to the total number of sessions to your website. Even in the best-case scenarios, where a hotel might be seeing a 5% conversion rate, 95% of visitors are still abandoning. 

“Is our online paid advertising working?”

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the best metrics to determine how well your Google Ad campaigns are performing. ROI is based on Google Analytics ‘last click’ attribution model. This figure will be higher if reporting via Google Ads directly.

“Our website traffic is low this month –⁠ is this just us?”

Traffic metrics only start to tell a story when they are compared with the same data over time to mitigate external factors and seasonality. Is the decline a sudden drop off or can you spot a trend over the last few months?

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Great to finally have an intelligent benchmarking tool within the hospitality industry that focuses on digital marketing insights. The reports have helped to highlight areas of success within our properties and also potential growth opportunities.

Gemma Gilbert – Director of Marketing at Careys Manor Hotel

We use Hotel Benchmark to monitor our online performance and it helps to shape our digital strategy and determine areas of focus. It is really helpful to see all the important statistics in one place.

Natalia Rakowska – Head of Marketing at Royal Lancaster London

Hotel Benchmark is a really helpful tool to the team. It’s an innovative idea that’s been long-overdue in the industry. Having the ability to see how our digital marketing measures up has helped better steer our activity.

Roberto Pajares – General Manager at The Ampersand Hotel & Vintry & Mercer

Hotel Benchmark is a useful and long overdue tool that gives valuable benchmark comparisons specific to our industry and location. Measuring website performance in relation to competitors aids strategic decision making and provides solid justification for ongoing investment in our website.

Martine de Geus – Director of Marketing & PR at The Beaumont