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Social comes to Hotel Benchmark

By Katrina Blunden October 28th 2021 Benchmarking
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Are you ready to find out how your social stacks up? We have now added social media metrics to our reports to help you benchmark against your competition, monitor the industry, and help you discover potential opportunities in your online marketing strategies.


Gain confidence in your social strategy

Social media is a vital component of any hotel marketing strategy. As social media platforms continue to grow their user bases, an estimated worldwide audience of 4.48 billion people is difficult to ignore. 

With Hotel Benchmark you can now get insightful benchmarks to compare your own hotel’s performance against your competitors and see how you stack up against the hotel industry. Understanding which parts of your social media strategy are working or discovering which channels are favoured by your audiences is key to reaching potential customers where they spend the most time. We include data from three of the most-used social platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Get everything you need in one platform

Benchmarking your social channels performance v the industry or a hand-picked group of competitors is now possible with the most recent update to Hotel Benchmark. 

You can leverage insight to measure follower likes and growth for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and more importantly benchmark against what your competitors are achieving to spot potential opportunities to grow your own audiences.

October analysis reveals insights into the latest social media trends 

We studied data from over 700 of our member hotels in October to bring you up-to-date insight from around the world.

When it comes to audience size, the median number of followers for Facebook likes was 2.2 times the number of Twitter followers and 1.5 times higher than the number of Instagram followers which is certainly in line with the number of worldwide users for the respective platforms.

As well as measuring engagement, hotels can benchmark social activity, using our easy-to-follow traffic light reporting. Green panels illustrate that your hotel is doing better than the average and where red lights appear in your reports, your performance is below the average.

Our basic reports are free for hotels to download. Spread the word and invite your industry colleagues to sign up and uncover the latest social media trends from Hotel Benchmark. And if you would like to get a full picture of how your social media channels are doing before we head into 2022, simply drop us an email at 

Katrina Blunden

Katrina has been working in the hospitality industry since 1993, more recently at Hotel Benchmark, uncovering insight from a wealth of data.