UK Hotels - Website performance soars in June

By Katrina Bio June 14th 2021 Benchmarking
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As recovery gathers pace with the further opening of the hospitality industry, UK hoteliers observed exceptional June performances from their direct booking channel with website revenue up 51% compared to May, 2021.

Buoyed by the rise in UK staycations with many families choosing hotel stays closer to home, June produced the UK’s strongest year over year increases in sessions, transactions and revenue 2021 vs. 2019 (2020 is not a sensible comparison).

Analysing the data from over 200 of the UK’s leading hotels and comparing 2021 vs. 2019 highlighted some fascinating insight;

June 2021 vs June 2019

-    Website sessions up 10%
-    Website bookings up 7%
-    Website revenue up 7%

June 2021 vs May 2021

-    Website revenue up 51%
-    Website bookings up 44%
-    Website sessions up 28% 
-    Rural hotels continue to lead urban hotels, but the gap is closing
-    Mobile’s contribution to traffic and revenue will be key to recovery
-    Organic search will also play a vital role

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