Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Hotel Benchmark. If you can't find the answer to a question or there's something you are not sure about, the contact form below or our on-line chat is the fastest way of reaching us.


How does the Hotel Benchmark work?

The Hotel Benchmark allows you to compare your hotel data with aggregated data from other benchmark hotels sharing theirs, providing valuable context and helping your team to set meaningful targets and gain competitive landscape analysis. Hotels that sign up to Hotel Benchmark provide 'read-only' access to Google Analytics. Based on the information submitted during sign-up your property is assigned to a pre-defined data set and your Google Analytics data is aggregated to create valuable monthly reporting and help you uncover how you are doing compared to your competition.


What is a pre-defined industry set?

This is the data set that most closely matches that of your own property based on its location, star rating and facilities when you sign up. Every hotel is assigned to a pre-defined industry set. As our community grows and the number of new hotels signing up changes, your assigned set may change if a better fitting set becomes available. If you would prefer a fixed data set upgrading to our Premium Report allows you to create your own customised competitive set, which you can add to or change once every 30 days.


Which hotels are included in a pre-defined industry set?

Every pre-defined set consists of a minimum number of six hotels to ensure that individual property data is not displayed. You can see a sample of the hotels in your pre-defined set at the end of your Basic Report. To see the full list of your competitors in your hotel database, please upgrade to our Premium Report.


What is a customised competitive set?

This is a group of hotels that you select for the purpose of benchmarking your performance against theirs in the Premium Report. It does not change over time, unless you update it or if any of your selected hotels leave Hotel Benchmark.


For which countries do you currently have reports?

Our Hotel Benchmark is currently used by independent and chain hotels in more than 50 countries and this number is growing all the time. As we add hotels we can create more and more regional and city reports. One of our team can help you check whether we are providing reports for your destination.


How can I sign my hotel(s) up?

Signing up is easy. You can get started by sharing some information about your hotel and using our easy platform to provide ‘read only’ access for your Google Analytics account. Once our team has verified your account, you will be able to view monthly reports in your own dashboard.


I am part of a group of hotels – can I sign up all of my properties?

Yes of course and we also offer a discounted price for more than one hotel from any group for our Premium Report. If you want to sign up more than 4 properties, contact our team and we can help you with the process.


Why is the report free?

Our Basic Report is free for hotels that would like to join our growing community and share their data (anonymously). In exchange we provide a free Basic Report every month. If you would like a report with more detailed metrics or the facility to benchmark hotels against a defined competitor set (Basic Report is an industry average) you can upgrade very easily to our Premium Report.


How do you use our Google Analytics data?

Your Google Analytics data is aggregated with the rest of our hotel database to produce reports for other Hotel Benchmark users. Other users do not have access to individual hotel data, they can only see your data as part of our aggregated reports. Please refer to our Terms of Use.


I am having problems with connecting my Google Analytics

You may be using the wrong e-mail address to connect Google Analytics, but our team can provide a solution to get you on board as quickly as possible. We have Google Analytics specialists to help. Please use the contact form below.


What are the benefits of upgrading to a Premium Report?

Our pricing page illustrates all of the benefits of the Premium report at a glance. The Premium Report provides more detailed metrics on your website performance (including device category & channel breakdown) as well as historical data for the previous 12 months. Additionally, you can select a customised competitor set as opposed to receiving data for a pre-defined data set.


How can I upgrade from Basic to Premium?

First you will need to add your hotel to the Benchmark and create a user account. Just click on one of the Join Now buttons on the home-page and follow the on-page instructions for signing-up. Once you have added your hotel/signed up for a Basic Report you can upgrade at anytime for our Premium Report and begin enjoying all the benefits.


Can I cancel my Premium subscription at any time?

Your Premium Report subscription renews on a monthly basis. If you do not wish to continue with your Premium subscription, you are free to cancel at any time and still enjoy the free Basic Report. When you cancel your Premium subscription, it will remain active till the end of your billing period but you will not be charged again after that.  


Can I remove my hotel from Hotel Benchmark at any time?

We would be sorry to see you leave, but you can delete your Hotel Benchmark account at any time. You can also remove individual hotels, but please note that you cannot remove hotels that are upgraded to Premium Reports until your subscription expires. By deleting your account, you will forfeit any remaining time on your active Premium subscription.


Can you offer analysis of my data and help with areas of concern?

Yes of course we can - competitive benchmark analysis is what our team do best! Just get in touch and they can help you understand what the data is highlighting in your monthly reports, identify trends and provide solutions.


Is our website conversion rate good or bad?

An average website conversion rate for the hotel industry is between 1.7% and 2%. This figure is based on the reservations made relative to the total number of sessions to your website. Even in the best-case scenarios, where a hotel might be seeing a 5% conversion rate, 95% of visitors are still abandoning. 


We don't have Google Analytics tracking set up. Can you help?

We have a team of Google Analytic specialists here to help. Please contact our team and we can take a look at what may need fixing to make sure we can get you on board as quickly as possible.


Is our online paid advertising working?

ROI is one of the best ways of determining if your Google Ad campaigns are working. ROI is based on Google Analytics ‘last click’ attribution model. This figure will be higher if reporting via Google Ads directly. Wait until your analytics has had time to accumulate trends before formulating judgements about your campaigns and making changes.


Our website traffic is low this month. Is this just us?

Firstly try and build a picture about your traffic. Is it a sudden drop off or is it a trend you have noticed over time? Using the historic traffic index in our Premium Reports make it easy to identify trends. Secondly try to understand where you are losing traffic by looking at your traffic sources. Use the Hotel Benchmark to understand if this is a trend unique to your hotel before trying to pinpoint other reasons for the drop in traffic. Hotel Benchmark makes competitor analysis easier with the Premium Report. It allows you to select hotels to compare your performance against.


How do I know our data will remain confidential?

When you sign-up/register for Hotel Benchmark we ask you to agree to our Terms & Conditions which is a legally binding contract between Hotel Benchmark and your hotel(s). In providing information to us, you acknowledge and agree that your hotel’s name and location will be displayed to other users of our services, but the confidentiality of your raw data will be maintained.


Can I see industry data without signing up my hotel?

No, but our Basic Report is free for hotels that sign up, so why wouldn't you? You can remove your hotel from the benchmark at anytime.


How can I speak to somebody at Hotel Benchmark?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our useful FAQ section, you can get a faster response using our contact form. If you would prefer to speak to one of our team just chat to us online - we will be happy to help, whether it’s a technical query or you want to find out more about Hotel Benchmark and signing up your hotel(s).


Who owns Hotel Benchmark?

Hotel Benchmark is owned by 80 DAYS - a leader in digital marketing for the hotel and travel industry. Hotel Benchmark have a dedicated team that work from the same office as 80 DAYS which is why you may notice our address and telephone numbers are the same. 


How can I add multiple users to my organization?

If multiple members of your team require access to the data in your Hotel Benchmark reports, simply invite them to your organization. Sign-in to your account and open your Profile at the top of your page. In the panel called Organizations, click on the name of your organization and use the Invite New Members panel to send email invitations to your colleagues. Once the new member receives the email and signs up to Hotel Benchmark, they will have access to the hotels you decided to share with them.

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